Traditional Taiwanese small eats poster, 2014, All rights reserved © Kristine Wang

Small Eats, the Biggest Thing in Taiwan

"When one is eating, one is greater than the emperor" is a Taiwanese saying suggests that the act of eating, or having a meal, is an important activity in daily life. Everything, consequential or not, must wait until after one has finished a meal contentedly. Taiwanese people enjoy eating, and also care a lot about what they eat. Fortunately, due to the subtropical climate on the Formosan island, there is a large variety of fresh ingredients available year-round. Additionally, because the population comes from a multitude of places, the Chinese cuisine represents a melding of different palates that is unique to Taiwan. Taiwanese people don't hesitate to have a snack at any time of the day, which practice has made the wide range of Taiwanese "small eats" famous around the globe.